Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dementia Society 1:how Does Dementia Affect The Family Of The Person Who Has It? 2:how Does The Disorder Affect Society?

1:how does dementia affect the family of the person who has it? 2:how does the disorder affect society? - dementia society

[1] is a nightmare, worse, it is more pressure on the family, just like a kid in diapers and all, or should I say, a naughty child waiting out that the evacuation (if it's really bad).

Perhaps the serious illness of a certain respect is lost for the parents on the positive side is the only person with the disease in his own world and not what is happening to them

[2] The impact on society () outside the family is one of the doctors has increased targeted funding and services for carers, etc.

Finally, it is an insidious disease that the person to the family when the patient is concerned, in my case it was a nightmare of 10 years and the sad thing is that if my father thought he would end what was, at the end was his life in his own terms

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