Thursday, December 31, 2009

Knee Pain And Post Menopausal Bleeding What Is Causing My Knee Pain? (post-broken Toe, Extended Walking, Etc)?

What is causing my knee pain? (post-broken toe, extended walking, etc)? - knee pain and post menopausal bleeding

Okay, so in December I broke fingers a basketball play. In essence, rested for a full month working only to clarify to it and nothing serious. In January I went on a trip that included a ton of walking. I put the finger in the whole trip, because it was still tender. Everything went well until the fourth or fifth day of the trip.

Then I had to go an aching knee never strong enough or not, basically nothing. The pain) are usually on the inside of the knee (in the middle. Increases when I up and down stairs, but it comes and goes, in the form of pain is usually only on foot. I really can not the wheel, enjoying a somewhat elliptical, but of course does not run in question.

Am I (the doctor and he diagnosed patellofemoral syndrome and referred me to a therapist who says that all my tapes and they were good, my knee is in principle) all the tests. The physical therapist says it's unlikely, but perhaps a root. But now even he is not sure what may be a foreign body in the knee, which has separated from During of the different movements on foot more than once?

I am scheduled for knee X-rays this week and if they do not show, I'll have an MRI. I was curious if anyone had ever seen such a thing before.

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