Friday, February 5, 2010

Community Service Hours Sample Letter How To Log Community Service?

How to log community service? - community service hours sample letter

I want my records of hours of community service, because I prove that they have several clubs and organizations, I participated in the school are (having) such as National Honor Society. How do I set a record that would be acceptable as proof of my hour. I thought my name at the top, followed by a table on the date, type of community service (plates, soup kitchens, etc., write), the number of hours and signiture have a point. Is that good or should I say? Thank you!

This is an excerpt:

Soup Kitchen 12-11-09 distribute soup 2 hours 30 minutes (Signature)


ownpool said...

Looks good to go. However, I want the exact name of the kitchen and your telephone number so that the registration is verified. You must also be printed or typed name of the person as a company are often not very legible, signed.

Sanel said...

Go to Chruch and ask you to always take PPL

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