Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Go Karting And Quasar What Can I Do For A Teenaged Boy's Party?

What can I do for a teenaged Boy's party? - go karting and quasar

My son will be celebrating 13 in July and 5 companion tried to help her, too. I thought, Quasar and go-kart, but one days after the meal costs, etc. Any suggestions what I with 6 young people ???!?


Starshin... said...

What about bowling? If there is something good in the film, perhaps he could go. Maybe swimming? Visit a theme park? How about a barbecue on the beach? Or a barbecue in the garden and then leave them on the floor, while the garden?


CR said...

Recon is the best idea I ever asked is that you want to do.Heres Activities:

Laser Tag
Activity Center
Fun "Very Expensive
Outdoor Adventure Center
A home game, like sleeping at home and have fun playing, just a little more for adults.
I agree with the following:
Console Games
Water Wars
I think a lot of ideas for Google.

I'm 13 and have a good idea.

Do not let what you're going as a baby, and your son never got over.

dαncєr<3 [єrín] said...

In this age was not much to see and say he is too old for a lot of things. How it looks with golf (without mini-golf) or paintball? It is the place for me where they sell pizza, but also have a thing where you pay, and you can even do. And they have an arcade. It's really great.
Good luck! (:

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