Friday, February 19, 2010

Sand In Bathroom Drain How To Replace A Toilet To Tile Bathroom Floor?

How to replace a toilet to tile bathroom floor? - sand in bathroom drain

We plan to put ceramic tiles in the bathroom, but the board of cement and ceramics will collect the soil just under 3 / 4 inches. Will there be a problem when replacing the bathroom drain (drains go high enough)? Moreover, how clear the door open (just 3 / 4 inch extra space, so this might not be a problem)? The sand on the bottom of the door?

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rob s said...

I find this whole time .. Most brick often use a double wax ring w / rubber boot .. You will receive 3-inch screws to attach stool .. One trick to help ... I bought an extra set of nuts and washers and tighten the screw until the flange, where the screw press the reset chair.
The door can be cut or do not have to wait and see, AP

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