Monday, February 15, 2010

How Much Wedding Cake Should I Order When Should You Order The Wedding Cake?

When should you order the wedding cake? - how much wedding cake should i order

We were married April 25, 2009


carrie c said...

I'm getting married 18th April 2009, barely a week before and it really depends on you for wanting to be your bakery. I think early December to discuss my options, and we order in January. He spoke of four months for a bakery, busy, so that they can control the ingredients and decorating tools, you need to make the desired design.

iheartba... said...

We got married in April and ordered the cake, I think, about mid-February-ish. Apparently it was only shortly before his wedding, but if you want to do a certain baked, or have a very complicated construction before, perhaps it before.

Even if you are still trying to find a bakery to do it, I asked my florist of these recommendations. I had no time for the bakery, a shop and we make a lot of money in order to have real flowers on the cake (sugar flowers are time consuming and therefore expensive). I asked my florist for suggestions on places they had previously worked. People in the business services the wedding industry know good and evil.

Oh, and congrats!

janecat said...

Start the search in bakeries. You will be amazed at all the details of a cake. Some cakes are too moist is pleasant to taste-test a few days old. This is because it cakes a few days earlier, and you know what you really know how. You can only cakes in one weekend. The earlier you book can be better. In addition, you should get the list of the delivery. We asked 4 months to come, but it was the removal of HS in the city, the place, so that the cake until 2 hours (Talk about a nightmare! Had to do) to. However, I heard the place is ours, Colorado has had people drive cakes and New York!

ynra said...

it really depends on who does what her wedding cake. My wedding cake is a family friend who is a pastry chef and even though she knows the day they will marry myself, "she told me to give one months in advance, which could regulate the details for this purpose. I think in a catering company that has atleast a few months to give them the heads of UPS.

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