Saturday, January 9, 2010

Antique Camera Film Does Anyone, Even Diehard Antique Camera Buffs, Care About 110 Film?

Does anyone, even diehard antique camera buffs, care about 110 film? - antique camera film

I do not ..

During a year pretty, Product Technology, it was pretty useless for anything. Also, the impressions he had not so great. Since the APS film avait the flash in the pan, a fleeting moment in the sun, then left, never developed into what has been claimed by the manufacturers.

35mm is barely adequate for many applications, but so anchored, it remained. It was a good compromise between lightness and versatility, or go to something like a larger size, has the format remained the de facto standard for many photographers. Not to mention something bigger was really better, but the cost and "ease" of use to the size of the device was primarily the administrative burden for many photographers, so that was 35 mm.

Bob - Tucson

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