Sunday, January 17, 2010

Foot Toes Bands&pains How Long Does It Take After Amputation Of Toes For The Foot To Heel?

How long does it take after amputation of toes for the foot to heel? - foot toes bands&pains

He had a blocked artery in his left leg. The VA doctor did not diagnose that the system be amputated later 3 of my toes, because they do not save. After 2 years, is committed to the bottom of my foot, as if walking on a high and really hurts. Help!

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I do care! said...

We can not diagnose over the Internet.
But because of his history of clogged arteries, which may be followed by amputation, necrosis of two things.
One that has accumulated more calcium deposits in the area, a real opportunity to block the artery is again.
Calcium deposits and coral seems to feel as if you are on the coral, it was going pretty badly.
I suggest finding a competent doctor and see your complaint.

Two. They have only spores. Those who are in turn the accumulation of calcium UPS. But under the skin.
You need to be treated and is extremely painful.

In any case, you should really see your doctor about the pain.
It is not normal!

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