Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Usb Memory Pen What Are The Prices Of Usb Memory Pen Drives? Are They Work Without Installing Any Drivers, In Any Os?

What are the prices of usb memory pen drives? Are they work without installing any drivers, in any os? - usb memory pen

Flash drives are getting cheaper by the day. You can have up to 512 MB for only $ 30. They work on all systems from Windows Millennium Edition. Invite for me and a lesser need for drivers.


Nigel Senada said...

Pen Drives can be able to run on any operating system, and usually do not need any drivers. I use my Windows and Linux.
You can compare prices on

SexyArmy... said...

they really suck. Do not let them, what you do, the price ranges $ 60-100 or more, depending on how much memory you

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