Saturday, January 30, 2010

Védeo I Have A Sony DCR-HC62 MINI DV HandyCam. How To Make A DVD Or A Cd From The Digital Vedeo Cassett?

I have a Sony DCR-HC62 MINI DV HandyCam. How to make a DVD or a Cd from the Digital Vedeo cassett? - védeo

How to convert a DVD of the band is a vede.


Little Dog said...

All MiniDV camcorders use a DV port for transferring video to DV. The computer has a FireWire port. If you do not already have, are easy and inexpensive to add if your computer has an expansion slot.

DV, i.LINK, FireWire 400 and IEEE-1394 are all equal.

You also need a 4-pin to 4-pin to 4-pin to 6-pin FireWire cable. The DV port on the camcorder is always a 4-pin. Computer can be a 4-pin FireWire port or 6-pin.

Once done with the camera in "Play" or "VCR", Windows Movie Maker can "capture" the video camera. WinDV also a good application (free) available. Windows Movie Maker can provide basic editing functions. When the installation is complete, here are a couple of DVD authoring tool ... WinDVD comes to mind ... These applications can create DVDs make the menus for the selection of the scenes and take care of video on a DVD that will play on normal DVD players. This assumes you have a DVD (burner or connected) to your computer.

You have not yet enough data on CD (700 MB) - andIf the video is really short (3 minutes or less?) Can be good - but the DVD will contain more information (4.7 gig single layer, 8.5 for the concert double layer - depending on what your DVD burner computer allows).

Iridflar... said...

Great response from Little Dog! Once you have completed your changes, you can use DVD Flick to do the DVD - your choice of menus are very simple, but it's free!

To maintain the highest possible quality in the WMM, as far as video) in the DV-AVI (backup workstation, best quality more opportunities for other parameters, then burn them to DVD with DVD Flick.

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