Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Can A Platypus Be A Pet What Would Be Required For Me To Have A Platypus As A Pet?

What would be required for me to have a platypus as a pet? - can a platypus be a pet

I really want one and no time and said, "Oh my God, get a stupid cat s **" What do they eat and the need for a healthy environment?

If the zoo can do, then I can!

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joniboni said...

You need to buy a zoo in Australia.

Legal protection
Until the early twentieth century, were widely killed for their fur platypus. The species is protected by the law in Australia.

Platypus in captivity
Platypus are wild animals with special needs. It is prohibited for the public to enable them in captivity. A duck-billed platypus was discovered accidentally caught in a creek or hike in an unusual location should never be taken home and treated like an animal, even for a short period of time. The animal will not survive the experience.

Only a few zoos and Australian universities make to keep a platypus in captivity, to the legitimate or research. Current government policy in Australia does not allow this kind are taken abroad for any reason. ...

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