Sunday, November 8, 2009

Girls In Hanging Wedgies Some Girls At School Gave Me A Wedgie And Hung Me On The Flag Pole. Then They Called Me A "slu" ? What?

Some girls at school gave me a wedgie and hung me on the flag pole. Then they called me a "slu" ? What? - girls in hanging wedgies

Some girls at school are really up to me and asks me names such as "SLU" ho "and" prostitute. "Not even understand what these words mean, as a" SLU ", a mixture of stupidity and tail, because I accidentally glued tabs for the other days? And also, what does "HO" mean? I thought, ho "is a garden tool? I'm so confused! What is a "prostitute"? Again, I am so confused. Keep me hanging wedgie and me different things! It's so embarrassing. Only my cousin Jimmy helps. I do not know what to do!

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Jessi L said...

Slut-a person with a group of guys. (f ***)

Hore-as above.

Prostitute-sama as described above.

If not, you know?

Tell A Friend can not let this happen to you especially if you mean do not know what words.

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