Monday, November 9, 2009

Cervical Mucus Prior To Period If Iv Had A "period" Can I Be Pregnant Still?

If iv had a "period" can I be pregnant still? - cervical mucus prior to period

I had my "period" 13 August. Before I had nausea, my breasts / nipples soo soo pain and tenderness, increased cervical mucus, constipation and wind, cold or stuffy nose. My period lasted 13 to 17 This is much shorter for me because usually takes 13 to 21 (9 days, at which) has my strong at first but after 3 days, you have much easier and the 5th had vanished. Today, I also need to urinate often.
I also took a pregnancy test 9th August and the answer would have been negative (effect of 29 days since the last time, my cycles are usually 30-33 days)
Arnt my breasts very sore today, it's still a bit Tho, I feel bad once in that time.

Am I pregnant? Any advice would be very grateful. I know others have written similar things, but I wanted an answer that was all my symptoms and no one elses. If you are going to be rude to you, the Forum

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