Friday, November 6, 2009

Shingles Pictures More Condition_symptoms I Had Chicken Pox When I Was Young. Now I Found Out I Have Shingles.?

I had chicken pox when i was young. Now I found out i have shingles.? - shingles pictures more condition_symptoms

I saw the photo of the tiles and how i have.How can be treated, it? And get the cause of shingles? I had too much stress, so far, and had a great fight with the owner and my mother in a case of shingles law.Can stress?

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yummycan... said...

It occurs mostly in children or elderly people, but the stress and lack of sleep can shingles in younger people who have had chickenpox before they cause.
You need a dermatologist as soon as possible. They will prescribe Valtrex (herpes zoster virus) is a form of herpes. You should have a week 3 times per day. Caught early can help to quickly clean and hopefully the chronic pain that can prevent nerve damage cause.
Make sure you get enough sleep and the right to speak only with your doctor.

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