Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dog Flu More Condition_symptoms What Can You Guys Tell Me About The Dog Flu In America?

What can you guys tell me about the dog flu in america? - dog flu more condition_symptoms

Well, if I am in Egypt and said the new dogs will die of influenza in dogs in the United States, all I know is, here are some things you know?
How is this possible?
Can not like pig or bird flu?
How to protect your dog against him?
How can spread to other dogs?
youse all other information that you would be great! Thank you!


Blarp said...

this is just another name for the kennel cough. is contagious to other dogs but not humans.

Here is some information about this topic: ...

Nikko,Peke and GSD Lvr said...

There is no cure for this and that is transmitted from dog to dog, which, heres a site that explains more

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