Thursday, November 26, 2009

Nice Things To Write In Wedding Card What Is Most Polite Way To Decline This Invite?

What is most polite way to decline this invite? - nice things to write in wedding card

They became closer friends with the UNI Avril and her girlfriend, who have not experienced 08 to today.
IT becameone these friendships quickly, but too complicated and I do not know where I was. They were best friends, but then strange things between them have on silly things. It has never been so close, but Katy is now much closer to Louise. Even Tho I knew that socialized Katy Birt UNI evenings out.

In any case, Katy Louise and I feel caught in the middle, but do friends, "said a renewed encouarged many horrible things about others and began to tell the difference between the age of 5 years notice, we do not have Picardy really what she said and half.

Once Agan became friends on the 09th February is chasing me WTH worrying time, but began thinsg were Togther doimg two, which can not be stopped invited. I understand that you better not bother me. Louise is now married, she said that I was invited to a day, but by 3 weeks after your wedding I've just b4 his invitation to do the evening.

I hope you incredibleDays, but wants only a part of their lives. We have not spoken words or Facebook since November at 09 now I can write in their Facebook was the fix that I wrote on the wall, but when he exposed my answer in

Or am I to the wedding card and write what I feel, we can not be there. I know shouldprob go, but I do not want to see me next year. I wish them luck, but I am interested in the games of friendship.

It was very strange, always said to follow for people to wait for me then I'm under control. But I would like your wedding is pleasant and very excited.

What do you think?

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