Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ceremony Program Thank You Wording Wedding Destination..How To Exit 'pre-drinks/get Together' Without Sounding Rude?

Wedding destination..How to exit 'pre-drinks/get together' without sounding rude? - ceremony program thank you wording

My wedding is 11 months .. This is what we have planned (but with the coordinator of the marriage soon speaks) ..

The target is expected to lead a weekend .. The goal is 2-3 hours by plane ..

Marriage is a Saturday night around 5ish .. @

But I think, act a talking to "before the ceremony .. I think riding a camel have (a place for it is known) for customers .. .. but not dinner, so I do not know how polite word in the context or the program .. I have to eat before, with his closest family ..
So, how to leave the "Get Together" and go for dinner .. apparently without being rude
There are approx. 36 people (family included)

And is the "meeting" before the wedding a good idea? I fear that if guests can meet before the ceremony to "talk dried up in the wedding ..

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