Saturday, November 7, 2009

Tobradex More Drug_uses I Found Some Tobradex Anti Biotic Drops. My 2 Kittys Have Eye Problems And Someone Said They Needs Anti Biotic?

I found some tobradex anti biotic drops. My 2 kittys have eye problems and someone said they needs anti biotic? - tobradex more drug_uses

This was TOBRADEX origannaly of infection in the eyes of my father pescribed. Arrived. I have this little bottle TOBRADEX in the kit. Can a drop or 2 kittys in the eyes? They have this thing where they close one eye much phlegm and eyes. I have no money.

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KLMCats said...

Where the hell do you think that all drugs come from? There are more drugs for animals and is not licensed as a man than vice versa!
-------------------------------------- ...
Tobradex (tobramycin) ophthalmic by veterinaians (for cats) perscribed if the individual situation.

The question here is $ 64k - that the drug has expired, and that the kittens * * * really * need?

Start by cleaning their eyes w / saline solution for contact lenses by a few additional drops of saline solution to clean and treat it, the plane "on the eye ointment against" the house. Try this several times for at least 1 day.

If it is still not yet expired pus in the eye and the drug, and that * really * can not afford to go to the vet ... Better than nothing.

Someone really needs to clean his father's medicine cabinet of drugs, his mother would be the best judge of what should be washed or thrown away and can be hung on them.

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